you get what you pay for

In terms of choosing an attorney, sometimes what you pay isn’t cash, but time and the willingness to go with the best.  I am attempting to maintain a practice with very low overhead so that I can limit my caseload.

1 thought on “you get what you pay for”

  1. As a rgistered voter, I was intrigued wjen I read in the paper about a 3rd party Libertarian running. Reading through your potential policies (practical application is another matter for any individaul once in a posotion), while somewhat a furrowed brow at some of the law enforcement state concerns- since they have no choice but to follow the policies that legislators rubberstamp. (An ugly cycle, unless we the voters use our voice with the ballots). I find that the prospect of having you as the Coconino County Attorney would be a strong step at approching our problem from another side.

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